Property Rights Index

Case Studies

The following case studies were published this year as part of the IPRI. Either view the full PDF version of the studies or view the web summary version where available. 

Patent Box in Italy: Light and Shadow of a Special Tax Regime by Prof. Cesare Galli, Instituto Bruno Leoni. [PDF]

A Century of Injustice: Rule of Law, Constitutional Justice and the Mexican Amparo by Esteban Gonzalez Herrejón, Caminos de la Libertad. [PDF]

Weak Governments and Partial Protection: Property Rights in the Western Balkans by Admir Čavalić and Mihailo Gajić, MULTI and Libek. [PDF]

A Special Case Study on Religion & Property Rights: Property Rights from a Judaism Perspective. Dominion and Property Rights in Judaism by Dr. Rabbi Joseph Isaac Lifshitz, Shalem College. [PDF]

Property Rights in the Unique and Profitable Venezuelan Energy Sector by Victor J. Poleo Uzcátegui, CEDICE [PDF]